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 2002-11-17 0.1.0 released
 It's available at http://mcats.net/files/mcats-0.1.0.tar.gz (0 comments)
 2002-10-14 http://mcats.sourceforge.net is deprecated
 From today, http://mcats.net is available and should be used instead. (0 comments)
 2002-08-28 0.1.0-pre* available
 0.1.0-pre* releases is available from http://mcats.sourceforge.net/ (0 comments)
 2002-02-04 New module (iodbc)
 It supports output through iODBC's library.
Will support input in a near future.

iODBC's homepage is at:
http://www.iodbc.org/ (0 comments)
 2002-01-03 New module (wii)
 I finaly got the "WhereIsIt?" module working ok.
Currently supported version is 3.00.
It supports CDFS for now.
It might react funny on vfs.

It was created without any reversed engenering!
The home of "WhereIsIt?" is: http://www.whereisit-soft.com/ (0 comments)
 2001-09-23 Home Page
 MCatS homepage is under construction and will hopefully be up before 12/10. (0 comments)